Quote of the day:

“The word fecundity, which sounds like drum talk when said aloud, means more than fertile it means pregnable, the way soil is pregnable. The word fertility has behind it the sense of seeds, eggs, beings, ideas. Fecundity is the basal matter in which seeds are laid, prepared, warmed, incubated, saved.” -Clarissa Pinkola Estés from Women Who Run with the Wolvesseed-or-soil

Our Divine Selves



Imagine for a moment that you are a sculpture—a three-dimensional stained glass window.  You are made up of the most beautiful colors and you are standing in a white room.  Now imagine that you suddenly become lit from within by a powerfully brilliant light.  This light casts the reflection of your colors onto the walls in all directions—360 degrees of stunningly beautiful light is splashing out of you.  (Think of this light as being conscious, having qualities of depth and intelligence to it.)  Next let’s add some sound to this picture.  The most beautiful sounds flow out of you, creating another dimension of beauty to your colors.  Now add inspiration: Flowing from the purest place deep within yourself would be the one blessing you would most want everyone in the world to share in.  What would that be? Joy? Grace? Playfulness? Beauty?   Experience it as another texture to the color, the light and the sound.  And finally, can you imagine adding movement? Organic, easy, natural, soulful, flowing movement.  If you are following me, you can see that we now have a moving creation of consciousness: light, color, sound, and inspired blessings.  No matter where this being were to be, they would always be standing in the aura of their own light, color, sound and inspiration.

If you were to extend this vision out and pretend that you were to look over and see another complete being: different colors and sounds, radiating a different inspiration and moving in a different way—Awe-inspiringly beautifully different.  If the two of you were to stand next to each other, there would be a place where their light and yours overlapped.  In that overlapping, a new dimension would open, a new way of blending the qualities of both of you in a harmonious new way that comes into existence.  A new depth, texture and richness is born.  Each being is so complete that it is hard to even imagine more completeness—but a new dimension of wholeness does indeed emerge.  If we were to add a third being and this overlapping were to happen, you would get even more awe-inspiring wholeness and harmony.  If an entire world of beings came together and overlapped their unique individual wholeness—you would get such a deep, profound intact completeness—what you would get is what most people call God.

One of the ways I inspire the world is by inviting us to remember that we are one with everything.  We are the benevolent universe that we are surrounded by and living in.  The life force that animates us; the very air that breathes us.  My experience is that the world through which we move is created by our collective overlapping consciousness being reflected back to us…just like the colored light being reflected onto white walls.

Our inner conscious light, or soul essence, seeks to shine a clear path through our colors, sounds, and inspirations. One of the main things that impedes the fullness of this expression is our inability to truly know our magnificence.  We lack the context, the framework to know ourselves in this way.  We project our magnificence outward onto a God. A God that is out there somewhere, a God we long to be a part of.  We adapt our behaviors to please this outside God. We create a framework of right and wrong based on what we think pleasing God entails.  What we cannot embody we project outwards,  good or bad.  Even if this is not our current conscious spiritual understanding—we may believe that we are one with God—but unconsciously, most of us are not really able to grasp and embody the fullness of what this really means.

And so it is, in the place between our longing to be a part of God’s wholeness—and our inability to know that we are the wholeness we call God—is where our pain and suffering exists: in us individually and in the world collectively. 

So again I would say, that collectively we make up the Benevolent Universe. Each of us animating a holographic spark of complete wholeness.  At an essence level we are in communication with one another at all times, inviting, encouraging, blessing, and sharing inspiration with each other.  We often have said or heard people say, “The Universe brought me this opportunity or that experience.”  What if we were to melt the barrier in that sentence/thought that separates us out and makes us other than the Universe. I have learned through my years studying energy that the Universe is us collectively blessing us.

When someone comes into the healing room, the first thing I like to do is to take a moment and see the client’s essence.  How are they blessing the world with their presence? How are they a deep and sustaining animation of the One Heart?  By sharing this awareness with the client, we are inviting their blessed essence more fully into the room with us.  It offers a way for the client to begin to shift their perspective and to catch a glimpse of themselves as the Benevolent Universe—and the beautifully unique way their conscious light, colors, sounds and movement inspire and bless us all, all the time.

~ Maya Cooper

Heart Song

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination.”
— John Keats

Poetry on my mind

Sleeping in the Forest 
by Mary Oliver

I thought the earth remembered me,
she took me back so tenderly,
arranging her dark skirts, her pockets
full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before, a stone on the river bed,
nothing between me and the white fire of the stars
but my thoughts, and they floated light as moths
among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
breathing around me, the insects,
and the birds who do their work in the darkness.
All night I rose and fell, as if in water,
grappling with a luminous doom. By morning
I had vanished at least a dozen times
into something better.

What if?

Fluid Sharings from the Realm of the Earth Heart

What if everything we encounter in the world contains the reflection of our own divinity at its core and we are just a shift of perspective away from realizing it?

I hear an ongoing symphony. It swells up from the center of the earth. It is carried on the waves of her heartbeat. These communications from the Earth dance around and sing inside me like bright little faeries. They are alive, light-filled, playful ponderings. They are present in the poetic fluidness of wonderment. Not needing to be labeled as a truth or a belief, they can continue to freely express new octaves of themselves. These bright little communications are busting to share, so I present them in wonderment form for our mutual enjoyment.

Is the Earth Mother’s soul gift to Father Spirit a true and pure reflection? Is Her consciousness mirroring us, in our entirety, back to us? I wonder if Earth is, in part, the miraculousness that lets all that is on the inside of each one of us take form in the outside world. Perhaps Her being lends us the actual mutable elemental substance that gives life to and animates what is invisible in us and makes it visible all around us.

Is earth a blank canvas of a planet? Does her beauty lie in her watery, highly reflective nature? Are we the lights, colors, and sounds? Together do we become a brilliant masterpiece? What if what we call life is really us splashing magnificently out over everything?

So, what would it be like if we knew that we were the mountains, oceans, forests, and canyons? What if we were aware that all the immense beauty in the world was our own spirit’s immense beauty taking form and being reflected back to us? Would we delight in ourselves more deeply, love ourselves more truly? Would we be inspired to discover our inner beauty more thoroughly? Would more beauty splash out of us if we were aware that we were the direct reflection of living love?

And what of the suffering we encounter? Is it an authentic reflection of our staggering inability to grasp our divine nature? Is it a reflection of the pain that lies between who we think we are at a personality level, who we really are at an essence level, and our journey home to ourselves? Is life on Earth a tender and honest mirror of the challenges we face within ourselves as we unfold into our collective becoming of who we are?

Could Earth actually be a full co-creative participant with us on our collective journey to recognize our divine nature instead of a victim of our lack of awareness? I wonder, is She blissfully and completely in touch with, and trusting of, our divinity within? Is our beloved Earth at her core a being whose consciousness delights in gifting us to ourselves? Is Her heart so in love with the Spirit of All That Is living within us that She desires only to see us awaken to the full knowing of ourselves as whole beings? What if She is giving us the gift of our own reflection in every moment in order to inspire us to fall deeply in love with our own beauty? What if it isn’t a sacrifice to do so but a joy? Once we awaken, might we be her Divine Spirit consort embodied on earth?

In wonderment I explore.

Blessings to all ~ Maya

Becoming Love

Becoming who we are creates a field of love

The suffering people of our world cannot afford the extra weight of our pity, worry, detachment, and fear. The constant reassurance of a conscious awakened heart creates ripe fertile conditions for further awakening to our individual, and collective human divinity.

Those of us not in immediate danger have the privilege and the freedom to collect and direct our wholeness in ways that create love. Where love is broadcast, practical everyday brilliant solutions bloom.

Look deep inside yourself, what is the one thing you would wish, for anyone who is suffering, to have? Hope? Clean air? A moment of spontaneous awakening? Whatever it is you find your true heart wanting to share, is at a deep level, who you are.  It is the frequency of your essence. These things are a part of our world because they are a part of us. Are you hope? Clean air? A moment of spontaneous awakening? Sink in, find it within yourself, bring it forth, and become it. Become it, and let it flow out of you to wherever it needs to go. Breath by breath, become it and give loving movement to it. Feed the world with your essential self.

I AM the winds of change
I AM the calm assurance that everything is in perfect order
I AM the moment I knew I was a divine human
I AM the light at the end of the tunnel
I AM the deepest mercy
I AM the fresh breeze of clean air
I AM the balance of life
I AM the heartbeat of the Earth
I AM the reflective beauty of moonlight
I AM the recognition of synchronicity
I AM relief and certainty
I AM spontaneously brilliant solutions
I AM grief washed clean in the light of pure wisdom
I AM Body, Mind and Spirit in unified harmony
I AM Divinity
I AM effortless change
I AM the timely death and destruction of false structure
I AM fertility
I AM Grace
I AM the life-giving great central Sun
I AM Unity
I AM joyous rebirth
I AM resurrection
I AM the steady solidness of the mountains
I AM the birds-eye perspective
I AM wholeness embodied
I AM fearless courage
I AM pure conscious awareness
I AM the deep support of Gaia
I AM awakened power
I AM the medicine that heals
I AM the food that restores
I AM the cool welcome water of nourishment
I AM the warming fire of transformation
I AM Alchemy
I AM the pulse of the cosmos
I AM the web of life
I AM Love ever flowing
…. and so are you

~ Unified Heart Blessings, Maya

This was originally shared in the April/May 2011 issue of the Isis Scrolls as a response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.